Christmas Flower Candle Ball
Christmas Flower Candle Ball

Christmas Flower Candle Ball

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Artistic Christmas Ball with a holiday atmosphere. Choice of fragrance amber, ocean, orange, the forest that are emitted from essential oil. Price is shown for Each One.
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Alan's Candle Workshop. This unique traditional product was originated from American hippie culture of late ’60s, its distinctive patterns incorporate more innovative designs on the foundation of traditional American style. The products were brought to Shanghai for production around the Millennium and were loved by people all over the world. Now they are brought back to the US for production by the fans of Alan's Candle Workshop, with more innovative designs and a variety of pleasant fragrance. The special feature of our products is that the patterns on the candles are not painted up, but fused with candles. The patterns could be seen when the candles are lighted in the dark, and the candles could keep burning for a long time without deformation. That will bring you, your family and friends in a lasting romantic dream. Ingredients: paraffin wax, soy wax, and natural fragrances. Types of fragrance include lavender, rose, vanilla, apple and so on. They can be customized as required.

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