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Alan’s Candle

Rainbow Pig

Rainbow Pig

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Handmade artistic candle pigs. The color won't fade away. Can be stored under 45 degrees Celsius/ 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Effective ignition time 24 hours. Great for gifts and candlelight dinners.

Alan’s Candle Workshop specializes in producing, packaging, selling and teaching how to make artisan candles at home.

First popularized in America during the late 60s, the art crafted candles were introduced to China by businessmen around the turn of the millennium, where they were blended with Asian elegance to create something new and magical, comparable to the allure of the Aladdin lamp.

Enhanced with innovative designs and a diversity of pleasant fragrances, Alan’s Candle Workshop has brought back this precious and unique technology to its origins.

Every candle burns for a long time without deformation, and symbolizes the beautiful vision of long lasting happiness and romantic life.

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